About Sacred World Journeys

cruiseforaboutswjSacred World Journeys is a physical, emotional, spiritual travel to far away lands and to your innermost heart. You will gain memorable experiences while you regenerate by letting go what has been pulling you down. You come back with memories full of smells, sights, sounds and feelings augmented by a profound sense of rejuvenation and renewal that lasts a long, long time.

This is not boot camp. This is a pleasure trip in every sense of the word. It is a safe, uplifting, fun, dynamic, relaxing, authentic, educational, chic, enriching, head and heart clearing, powerful journey… and this is only on day one of your trip.

If you live anywhere in this world, want to invest in yourself, are open to new ways of living and learning, want to experience sacred lands in safety and elegance, enjoy the good things in life, then log off the Internet, power down your BlackBerry and come join us on a Sacred World Journey.

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