France, June 06-15, 2013 – The Magic of Joy

France, June 06-15, 2013 – The Magic of Joy

A Sacred Retreat & Journey



For many years we have had an inner calling to visit the South of France (and so you may have too!). In summer 2011 we decided to go on an adventure and explore this beautiful mystical part of France, without agenda, simply following our intuition, allowing ourselves to be guided. This turned out to be quite a journey, where we were constantly reminded to be ALERT, AWAKE, AWARE. We had the opportunity to meet magical people, experience deep transformation and go deep into who we are.

Your program has been carefully crafted in alignment with the new paradigm and it involves a perfect blend of a RETREAT and a JOURNEY simultaneously. The intent of this retreat is to reconnect to a sense of community, kindness and the magic of JOY. Being with both Sandra and Jacqueline, whose energies blend with the energies of the Pyrenees and the region, will offer participants very intense and transformational experiences, if you allow this…You will learn to see the gift in everything and everywhere we go. Surrender to Spirit and trust. Be open for anything, there is a reason that this land has been sacred ground for thousands of years, it has a way of designing the journey for you!

We have found a lovely home, Chateau Coquelicot, where Francoise and Frederic are our hosts and offer us a lovely, safe space for us to develop and enjoy, relax and rejuvenate, all the while being served delicious meals, cooked from local ingredients!

Important note: We are strictly limiting the number of attendees on this journey to ensure everyone’s maximum enjoyment.

Chateau Coquelicot

Your Retreat Base for the Journey

Chateau Coquelicot

“Our” Chateau Coquelicot, near Toulouse, has beautiful views, and gardens. Each room is elegantly decorated, spacious, comfortable and styled in a very unique fashion. The aromas and fragrances of France inspired each room. All rooms have private bathrooms.

We have the entire chateau to ourselves for the entire time of our stay, so this will literally be our retreat home except for the first night of our itinerary where we will be staying in Toulouse.

AWARENESS NOTE: This is a spiritual journey, and hence a deep inner journey. We will allow ourselves to be guided by Spirit, which means the program me may change as we go along, adding and/or leaving sites we plan to visit by the way side… There are so many gems in this region; it would take years to experience them all

Every day we will set time aside to play, to do inner work, to share, to enjoy each other, sometimes this will happen in the morning, sometimes after our excursion. We will keep everything loose, flexible and spontaneous!

Our Journey starts on Thursday, June 6, 2012 and will end on Saturday, June 15, 2012

Arrival at Toulouse airport,(no later than 5pm please!) you will be greeted by either Sandra or Jacqueline (or both) and taken to a hotel near Toulouse airport where our journey will start.

In the evening, we will have our first gathering with an opening ceremony followed by a welcome dinner in the hotel.








The places we anticipate (and this may change) to visit are: