Nepal Journey 2011

We are now on day 4 of our journey and driving from “Brigand’s Bend”, where we had spent the night, a lovely lodge with a stunning view over a river run by and icon of Nepali tourism hailing from India and the UK…a real character =) …driving towards Chitwan National Park. After the visit to Manakamana temple (not a tourist in sight) where we did a little ceremony with some wise men, we are really ready for lunch when we finally arrive at the meeting point with the Tiger Tops jeeps. Our group is composed of 5 very strong women, the first time that I have a women’s only group, and it is most interesting as personalities rub against each other and dance a beautiful dance. This will enable us to have very precious moments of sharing experiences, that would not have happened had we been a mixed group! Tiger Tops is located in the National Parc, on the border between high grasslands and the jungle, and we are sleeping in luxury tents tonight, no electricity, no heating, with hot water bottles and a flashlight for company. It is magical…the sounds of the jungle, the wide open sky…We go on an elephant safari early morning, sighting rhinos, wild boars, deer of several kinds, all sorts of birds and peacocks, all the while processing each other and letting go of old patterns that no longer serve… After breakfast we transfer to the lodge several kilometers away and have some time off to do “inner work”, which some decide to do sitting on the lawn facing the grasslands and others while walking in the jungle with a botanist. Serene, quiet moments, no noise, no clutter from the outside world, true time for the self to BE… The energy work happening is subtle, deep, profound…

After Jacqueline Muller and her co-host give everybody a private session, we go to dinner and early to bed. Tomorrow is a long drive to our beautiful Tiger Mountain Lodge, near Pokhara…a good 8 hours all being well!

The reception we get at Pokhara is warm and welcoming, the rooms simple and lovely and the next morning the sun is out so the “boy” who brings morning tea virtually pulls us out of bed to see the mountains…what a panorama! Imagine snow capped peaks, all near and over 7000m, a bright blue sky, magical! We start by gathering and doing some breathing and grounding exercises and a meditation for about an hour and a half then a copious breakfast on the terrace facing the mountains. Everybody is excited…the mountains are “out”!!! as the day is relatively programme-less, several go for a hike with the guide of the lodge and we all convene around tea time for some sharing and more processing and the option of “silence time” in preparation for our ceremony the next day. We met around 7:30pm around a huge fire for drinks and delicious organic dinner…they grow most of the food served here in their organic garden and it is a joy to watch your salad being harvested an hour before your meal!

One of our group calls this place paradise: it is built on a ley line, a strong energy line and thus is very rejuvenating, invigorating and the perfect place for pursuing spiritual activities! Our daily meditations, grounding and breathing exercises and private sessions flow so easily here, we are all very inspiredand enjoy “doing nothing” while gazing at the view!

On the day before we leave, we have a lovely ceremony, the staff who helped set it up call it “Pooja”…then lie on the ground allowing the sun to warm us….one goes paragliding and comes back exhilarated!

That night we celebrate and pack, for we are due back in Kathmandu, to finish the work we have begun, to finally let go of old “stuff” at the sacred temple of Pashupatinath…and some shopping!

We finish our trip by circumambulating my favourite stupa at Boudanath, make our prayers and wishes and drive to the “Garden of Dreams” for a farewell lunch…all are happy and ready to go home and integrate all the mostly subtle shifts and changes that occurred during this journey, all the while we had fun and explored,a new country and ourselves.