Jacqueline Muller

International Transformational Coach

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Jacqueline Muller is a world renowned Transformational Coach, specializing in awakening personal freedom, motivation and contentment for business success and extraordinary results in every area of your life. As a Swiss national who grew up in Thailand and was educated in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and the USA, Jacqueline brings together a unique coaching and healing style based on unlocking your full potential. Her wide ranging experiences around the world have brought together a message that is sure to change the life of anyone who encounters it.

JacqulineJacqueline’s high energy and passion for human potential has taken her all around the world. Her early career started with His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan’s Industrial Promotion Services Ltd, in Geneva, Switzerland. This also led her to working with the Aga Khan Foundation. Both were involved with projects in Africa and Pakistan. She then became a part of Swiss multinational Cosa Liebermann where she became Deputy General Manager, opening the Chinese market and being responsible for suppliers in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many other countries. Her diligence and expertise then led Jacqueline to become the Managing Director, President and Partner of a new company, Grove Industries Ltd, a successful garment buying agency and manufacturing company based in Hong Kong and supplying well known American, European and Australian brands and fashion retailers. With a turnover of US $50 million and a staff of 50 in Hong Kong, she was instrumental in creating strategic alliances that opened up new markets and created steady sales revenue.
As a result of working in these companies, she has visited and experienced the culture of the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Germany, Canada, India and 15 other countries. She is fluent in six languages, giving her the ability to share her message easily around the world.

Having achieved major breakthroughs in companies she has been a part of, Jacqueline embarked on a new journey – she wanted to share her experiences, strategies, insights and expertise with the world. In 2004 she became a Certified Behavioral Coach, in 2005 a Cross Cultural Coach, and is a Robert Pante Certified Style Consultant. She is also a Certified Himalayan Singing Bowl and Sound Therapist. Jacqueline now combines her knowledge, wisdom and abilities with her unique style to generate highly collaborative and rewarding sessions. These sessions are moving, fun, challenging and effective, as individuals or group members discover unrecognized blockages and infinite possibilities. Jacqueline has been extremely successful in her one-on-one transformational sessions helping people connect with who they truly are and connect to their soul. One could call these sessions Sacred Inner Journeys.

Jacqueline guides people on Sacred World Journeys where she has reached countries like Nepal, Egypt, Morocco and many others. These journeys are both external and internal and are deeply profound experiences. Through Sacred Inner Journeys sessions and workshops all over the world, Jacqueline has touched thousands of people with her special combination of talents and gifts. She leaves participants empowered and encouraged, having rid themselves of dark thoughts, feelings and memories they had been carrying for years.

Today, Jacqueline is the Founder of 3DOM (Asia Pacific) Ltd., and Sacred World Journeys, leading successful spiritual and personal development trips and sessions. Her work has reached countries like Egypt, Dubai, Morocco, Peru and Nepal. Many others have been touched by her magic.

“Above all, it is about having fun and the joy of life. Whatever we can do to regenerate, to enjoy more and feel more, then it is definitely worth doing.” – Jacqueline.

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