Nepal Journey 2009

Nepal Journey 2009

After a fist day visiting the medieval city of Patan, it’s magnificent Durbar Square and back lanes and hidden courtyards with world famous conservationist Anil Chitrakar, dinner in an old Nepali house and some shopping for carpets and beautiful shawls in Thamel just to get the urge out of our systems…We are lucky that the weather has become really friendly because today is the day of our mountain flight to Everest. This only takes place on a clear and sunny day and as we wake up at 4am, dawn is announcing itself glorious. So we all pile into our mini bus and go to Kathmandu’s domestic airport…really a big hall where one checks in for flijourneys_past_experiences_nepal2009_clip_image002ghts with: journeys_past_experiences_nepal2009_clip_image004Agni Air, Cosmic Air or even Buddha Air J…the mind boggles! We are awaiting our flight with Buddha air – surely it will be calm J – and sipping masala chai to keep the nip out of the air…Everybody is excited to see the Himalayas! The hour of flight was breathtaking in the early morning sunshine…the snow gleaming from these highest mountains, some of us very moved by the beauty and the energy emanating from these snowy peaks! We all got to talk with the pilot in the cockpit, take pictures of Mount Everest and gather a few more memorable moments for our souls!

By 8am we are on the way back to the hotel, an old royal hunting lodge in a 600 acre virgin forest, where a generous breakfast awaits! Our table is buzzing, all talk about the stunning vistas and emotions that came up, different for each, journeys_past_experiences_nepal2009_clip_image006childhood memories for some, amazement at the sheer power of these mountains for others…wonderful: the work on ourselves has been put into motion! To honour this and to help assimilate, we have a few hours of silence practice with guidelines for preparing the afternoon visit, which I explain at the end of breakfast.

After a late-ish lunch we are on our way to Pashupatinath, a very sacred site, for both Hindus and Buddhist, on the holy river Bagmati, as important and revered as the Ganges itself. This is a place of cremation and of veneration of Shiva….and soooooo much more! We visit with our guide and historian, although some parts are not allowed for non-Hindus… we only get to see the huge backside of the golden bull statue J. The temple site is huge and we see many holy men, bulls are walking around as a good omen, we watch a cremation…a ritual so very respectful and surprisingly beautiful. Then we walk higher onto the hill opposite the main temple, in company of countless monkeys and find a site for our meditation and fire ceremony. A very profound and moving moment, where, under my guidance, the letting go of patterns no longer needed happened…amazing how his lightens up the atmosphere and we are all singing and joyful on the way back to our hotel, it’s pool and spa and later an hour of Nei Gong in our own private garden!

Participants had come from all over the world, the UK, Cost Rica, Morocco, the Philippines and Hong Kong, a mixed and friendly bunch, who were happy to get up yet again at the crack of dawn for our scenic flight to Pokhara and Tiger Mountain Lodge!

journeys_past_experiences_nepal2009_clip_image008Here we had deep calm, fresh air, the magnificent view of the Annapurna range (all 7000m + ) and lots of laughter with the staff and hotel manager, a quirky Englishman whose baby this lodge is…such fun, relaxation and revitalization! On this trip we did a very special ceremony one early morning where, after having connected to certain energies and grounded them under my guidance, we transmitted them to a sister group in Peru to ground them there…I was told later that many Peruvian shamans had known this was to happen and had spontaneously gathered around Sandra and her group to assist…magical J

journeys_past_experiences_nepal2009_clip_image010We were now ready for the next highlight of the trip, our circumambulation of the great stupa at Boudanath, a place where we can make wishes come true and prayers are met. This is a deeply changing experience if one goes consciously, which I made sure everybody did by talking about the infinite possibilities that can be set in motion! Great lunch, great shopping, great laughter, all climaxed in the evening at our farewell dinner with the added pleasure of a glass of Champagne in “the Garden of Dreams”!

I had planned a ”tea party” at an orphanage, Katja House, to give the kids some joy-filled memories, and all the participants decided to join in, help with the games, bring gifts and have fun, although the journey was officially over! In fact, seeing these destitute children dance, laugh and their big huge smiles is something that everybody took home as a precious memory, along with the rejuvenation, renewal and inner clarity that came to them all!