“Workshop just sounds too hard for the type of learning, sharing, fun and regeneration we encounter during these sessions, so we call them Playshops.” Jacqueline

Each Playshops is organized around a core theme, such as “AA: Abolishing and Anchoring”, “the Joy Playshop” and “Healing Wisdom”. Between 6 and 12 participants bring their energy, their openness and desire for genuine change into play.

Each session flows between using games as tools for release, grounding exercises to help make us feel, meditation to help see, exchanges to open-up and intonation of soul notes to find peace and comfort. It is interactive. It is fun. It is intense. It is releasing. It is regenerating reversely.

You get rid of unwelcomed thoughts and fears and you replace them with the positive energy, a new sense of freedom and happiness. Start stressed and leave rejuvenated.

To see when and where the next regenerating playshop is offered, please see Jacqueline’s calendar or contact her.