Book a one-on-one renewal session with Jacqueline, to address your personal and /or professional needs. Each session is uniquely constructed to satisfy your specific concerns.

After a brief review and discussion, Jacqueline will choose the right mix of coaching, training, teaching and conveyance to optimize your rejuvenation and renewal.

Although sessions are intense and often cover difficult subject matters, participants report feeling relaxed throughout the meeting, sparkled with moments of pure joythanks to the “Healing Wisdom Energy”. Sessions are 45 minutes only, yet result in profound positive change.

“Healing Wisdom Energy” is an ancient and beautiful energy that puts the recipient in a bubble of unconditional love, thus creating a safe and comfortable environment, allowing for relaxation and renewal to happen easily.

“These one-on-one sessions are often about getting rid of dark thoughts and phobias we lug around needlessly sometimes for many years. This allows us to be set truly free. It is incredibly empowering and you feel the rejuvenation and renewal in your physical, mental and emotional being.” Jacqueline, Catalyst for Change.

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