Testimonials on Private Sessions

“There are a very few people in my world whom I consider to be a healer’s healer. My experience with Jacqueline suggests she can rightfully be described this way. Credible, straightforward, loving and skilled, Jacqui facilitates clearing, release and support that I have sought through her in 1:1 sessions. No fuss, no drama, no unnecessary hoopla. Just good old ancient/future wisdom, skill and insight. Delivered with humour and grace.”

Diane Wilcoxson,
Hong Kong

“The ability to express one’s subconscious and conscious thoughts is never an easy task, however the opportunity to discuss personal thoughts and emotions with Jacqueline was both an enlightening and spiritually uplifting experience. Jacqueline instantly created an environment of trust where I felt secure and comfortable, thus enabling me to verbalize the truth without fear of judgment or vulnerability. Personally, I believe this to be the essence of what leads Jacqueline’s technique of assisting individuals on a path of self-understanding.”

Alessandra Fabrello Maklakoff,

“I am an energy healing facilitator and found my experience with Jacquie and her Healing Wisdom session very profound. Gratefully, my body released and freed itself of some very deep, unresolved fear and core emotional issues. This letting go, without re-experiencing any related trauma or discomfort, was instrumental in clearing the way for a more expansive flow of life force energy or chi, critical to my healing facilitation with others. It was truly a delightfully quirky, informative series of proficiently guided self healing processes. Thanks so much Jacquie”


Testimonials on “Healing Wisdom” baggage clearing playshop

After having the class with you, I feel more energised. I feel life is fun. I can say to myself what a wonderful world. Small problems don’t bother me anymore. I can even smile whenever the grumpy face of my husband and our kid spontaneously appear in my mind. They’re just lovely though they can be a real handful, sometimes.

I’m so thankful to you because now I can see my life from a cheerful way.

Sandra M,
Hong Kong

I felt quite a bit of energy movement within my body for a couple of days after the workshop. I trust that lots of energy clearing have been taken place. As I had this temp job that started the very next day and that kept me working long hours, I could not quite keep track on the healing process. Though, I had a dream a few days later, a very significant dream which meant a lot to me. For nearly a whole year I was working on letting go of an “unpleasant” experience that had prompted me into frustration, anger and judgment. The letting go process was not all that smooth, even though I was making progress at a snail’s pace. In my dream, the whole incident replayed itself, only that this time I happily notice that I am in the dream no longer being affected by the situation, and I carried no emotional charge at all. At some point, the “me” in the dream even felt a sparkle of acceptance and understanding toward the opposing party. It is one of the incidents I had chosen to let go during the workshop. I felt like I could finally set myself free and move on from there.

Thanks you big time,

Jacqui Wynnie,
Hong Kong

thank you so much for the “Baggage Handling” session. I never thought I would enjoy losing my baggage so much. My whole being is lighter and I’m feeling much more playful. Even in the midst of loud drilling from renovations below me, I’m able to laugh and play in my office, as well as be productive. I’m sure I have much more unwanted baggage to get rid of, so I’m looking forward to your next session with anticipation.

Hong Kong

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